We have moved a lot of times in the past decade. A LOT of times. So many boxes.

All of those moves played tricks on my memory. I could have sworn that I packed one thing in with something that I knew I already unpacked, but then it just wasn’t anywhere to be found. Josh bought me a Wacom tablet for Christmas several years ago. We moved. I couldn’t find it anywhere. Finally, last year we bought a house and I swore that I would open up every single box that we had been lugging around. A few months ago, I finally located my Wacom tablet. It was in box with some photos. A box that I was SURE I had not packed it in.

I just got a new computer and I am reorganizing my desk, so the Wacom tablet is finally out of hiding. I plugged it in, downloaded drivers, and it works! I am so excited about this! But it looks delicate and naked lying there on my desk. It needs a protective little cover. This was today’s snowy day project.

Using scraps from my fabric chest.
Soft inside for extra protection.
Soft inside for extra protection.










I wanted a little pillow case type cover with a soft layer to lay against the tablet screen. I cut three rectangular pieces of fabric. Two print, and one fleece. I sewed right sides of one print and the fleece together leaving a little opening so that I could turn it right side out.Then I sewed what would be the top edge with a decorative stitch. Then I hemmed the top edge of the other piece of print fabric. I put the right sides of the prints together and sewed up the three sides to make my little cover.

And now I feel better about having the Wacom out in the open.

Naked Wacom and protected Wacom
Naked Wacom and Clothed Wacom





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