Month: January 2018

Snuggle Blanket

My youngest daughter has been envious of her older sister’s assortment of blankets. People have given Helena many blankets over the years. This year, for Carys’s birthday, I made her a kitty snuggle blanket.

3 yards fleece from JoAnn Fabrics. Folded it in half inside out and sewed 3 sides (like a bag). Turned right side out, and tucked top edges inside, and then sewed a straight stitch about an inch around the entire blanket. Fast and snuggly!

fleece kitty blanket



Aquarium Birthday

My youngest daughter turned 7 this year. We held her birthday party at the local aquarium. I made these ocean themed cupcakes for the occasion.

Candy mold came from Michael’s. White candy melts and candy “pearls” came from AC Moore.

seashell cupcakes